A True Life Manhattan Real Estate Horror Story

It is What It is - A True Life Manhattan Real Estate Horror Story by Colin Rath

In the early 2000s, real estate in Manhattan was booming, showing annual double-digit appreciation for the next decade. By the middle of the housing boom, Pam and Colin finished the full restoration of their brownstone, and their building had appreciated by over 700 percent! So what did they do next? They bought the adjacent broken-down building in order to develop the first green-cantilevered condominium complex in Manhattan.

At the time, banks were throwing mortgages around like comedy club coupons in Times Square. It seemed un-American not to accept some of that money. Like many others, Pam and Colin got caught up in the housing boom. Green design was the new obsession of the architectural world and their project was all that and a tank of biofuel, incorporating two geothermal wells, passive solar radiant heating, reclaimed natural materials, modular construction, a car lift to a private garage, and Nana doors. It was the green dream on steroids!

But then it all came crashing down. This is their story of survival and perseverance that brought a silver lining in the end.

Advanced Praise

Colin and Pamela Rath…two bold dreamers who quixotically dove headfirst into the rough, often-unforgiving waters of Manhattan Real Estate and were almost drowned. Through a mix of colorful malefactors, historical circumstances, and misguided optimism, that dream goes terribly awry. Or perhaps, it actually yields to the better conclusion that waits beyond the horizon, drifting in a sea of endless possibility.

Brian Babst
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Corcoran

Book Reviews

The book, titled “It Is What It Is,” recounts not only the people Mr. Rath believes wronged him, but also the wrongs he committed; it is strikingly candid, confident and, at times, condescending.

Matt Chaban, Writer, The New York Times

An inspiring story for those who are determined to succeed. Life does have its twists and turns, however, it is through PERSEVERANCE one achieves their goals. Read It Is What It Is and find your own silver lining.

Gregory Griffith, President, G&G Global Development

Read It Is What It Is to experience a real life Dickens adventure replete with looming foreclosure, bureaucratic ineptitude, and a hero pushing onward despite everything working against him.

Kenneth Gillett, Principal, Target Marketing Digital